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Mr M. HINE 2O16.

Artist Interview: Pg 1. out of Two a page spread inside of the current Spring 2015 issue of of The Artist Show Case Magazine. Distributed nation wide. Article writen by Charlotte Miller.

~ Miami artist Miguel Hine, 37, is soft-spoken, intelligent, articulate and highly introspective. Those personality traits transfer well to his work. His most recent creations being readied for this years’ NYC Art Expo are vivid and powerful, as if his introspection gets nurtured and explodes onto the canvas. At age 16, Hine was accepted into the highly competitive New World School of the Arts in Miami. In his junior year, he returned to Costa Rica where he spent two years exploring the ecology of his homeland, a visit that imprinted his artistic sensibilities. “Costa Rica is a biologically intense country, so incredibly inspiring. It echoes in my work, in my colors and strokes, and the way I approach the canvas.” The artist often uses his hands instead of brushes. “I like to get physically involved with my painting. I like that adventure.” Later, he completed formal training at Maryland Institute College of Art. Playing on the fundamentals he learned in art school – composition, structure, color theory, line – his work takes on a new level of abstract expressionism. “When people look at my work, they all see different things, but I’ve got them thinking. I am a Renaissance artist – a classical artist. I needed to learn to draw and paint from life before I became an abstract expressionist.” Art speaks its own language. “I look at a piece, I can hear the artist’s story,” says Hine. “And art has always spoken to me very deeply. Art is a gift, something I am blessed with. Art chose me.” Hine honors the gift by giving into the spontaneity of the process. “I enjoy it that way. I let the work be what it wants to be.” Painting abstract is often more difficult than realism for Hine. “When painting realistically, I have a point of reference. I can see where I’m going, right or wrong. Painting abstract deals a lot with stepping back and imagining where it can go.” Lately, his painting has been more of a therapeutic meditation. “I’m not thinking about what the piece is going to be. I’m not thinking of the piece at all. I’m just flowing. I love to paint freely.” Hine recently won an art battle hosted by the World Wide Arts Federation in Atlanta. The American Idol of the art world type contest challenged artists to a costumed and themed production where contestants drew live models on stage. Most of the contestants had planned in advance, came with friends and crews, and had well thought out costumes. Hine entered at the spur of the moment, showed up with three friends, very few art supplies and a makeshift costume. That performance earned him bragging rights, a $1,000 check and first place in the Last Man Standing Artist’s Battle. “Walking in not knowing a single soul and then having the whole crowd cheering for me; it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.
” Charlotte Miller Local Color – Miami
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Brief History

Miguel Antonio Hine was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and spent his first years with his family in the rain forests of the Poas Volcano. His earliest memories are of himself walking through coffee plantations and alongside the mountaintops with his beloved mother Lilliana.  Costa Rica is a very diverse and biologically intense country, from deep, giant jungles to beautiful secluded beaches, and the exotic wild life is like no other.  It will leave many bold, vibrant impressions on a young man-  a perfect environment  for an abstract expressionist like Miguel Hine.

Hine comes from a very talented family that was involved with the arts. His greatest inspiration was his grandmother, Margot Ros Hine, a Cuban born  “five year old prodigy concert pianist” that had a life- long musical career, while married over 60 years to a diplomat, also the director of the National Theatre of Costa Rica.

At a very young age, Hine moved to a small community in Miami, FL where he spent his childhood.  Living in the United States most of his life allowed Hine the opportunity to study Fine Arts and painting on full scholarship at two of the top art schools in the nation:  The New World School of the Arts and the Maryland Institute College of Art.  Hine’s family was very accepting and supportive of his passion for the arts. “Art has always spoken to me, it has been there since day one. .....”