"The Story of my LIFE within a book or two.." : by Miguel HineAUG 2015. 
~ If you know me well, you'd already know that I have always carried a Sketchbook along with me. In-fact, I started making several books a year in way back when I was 14 years old grade school while while attending my first ever of art school. They where mandatory for student's.. I drew my first observation's and basic art skills within them.. and never stopped. I now own a well preserved collection of over 400 Sketchbook's created in over 30's of time filled with artwork, writing's and rant's. Travel photo's maps, experiences restaurant recites.. "Endless amount's of found object's " There deep and tell the story of my life. 
I had my first "Solo show" and exhibited about 30 of them hung to particular pages, along with my painting's. It was the only time they have ever been exhibited. They are not yet for sale I apologize if interested, I have been offered thousand's of dollars for them but before and turned the offer's down. I refuse to sell them at this point in my life. 
What I would like to do and plan to do with these treasures of mine is one day properly scan them in chronological order and publish my first book What we fine artist call, our "Retrospective" Our life's work. I'd chose certain important events and book images thorough my life, and along with a narration of-course, I'd also like to also include 30 or so images of my larger gallery artwork in the middle of the book. ~ Till then, I keep creating my book's. Artist Miguel Hine
Please follow this link to view an IG Photogallery of my body of work entitled: "Sketchbook's 1992- 2015 by Miguel Hine

" Skeetchbooks" 1992 - 2015. - IG Photo Gallery.