Maryland Institute Collage of Art. *Painting Major -  Bachlors in Fine Art. Baltimore, MD.

Cooper Union , NYC. 

New World School of the Art's.*Visual Arts Major.  Miami FL.

Select Exhibitions:

  • *New York Art Expo. NYC Pier 94.  Represented by the Bernard Solco Gallery NYC.-  April 2015.
  • Art|BASEL Miami Fl. - Cando-CoOp "WET" A Group Exhibition. Guest Curator, Diane Chamber, Director of the BASS Museum of Art. Miami i FL. - December 2010.
  • The Andrew's Gallery, Miami, Wynwood Art District  FL. Exhibit - RAW- A group exhibit of three artist's. M.HINE - Painting's, drawing's and a video installation. December 2009
  • * The Historical and Cultural Art Museum. Miguel Hine Solo exhibit "Reconciliacion" August 2006. San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • *The Barry Gros Gallery present's Miguel Hine. Solo Exhibit. "Free Form's"July- August. 2004. Design Art District, Miami FL. 
  • Key Biscayne Art's Festival - Solo Exhibit. - Winner "Best of Show" January 2002. Key Biscayne FL. .
  • Space Gallery 126 - "Erotic Art Show"  Juried group exhibit. 2001. Baltimore, MD.
  • *South Florida Art Center . Miguel Hine Solo Exhibit. "Beginning "  Curerated by Biana Lanzas. 1998. Linciln Road. Miami Beach, FL.. 
  • Art Work's Gallery " Standing Room Only: Chairs as Art. "  1992  Omni Mall Art Gallery. Miami , FL.
  • Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest and Conservation Program. 1992

Traveling exhibition: Wildlife Festival, Redlands CA. 

International Wildlife exhibition. Gatlinburg, TN.

J.N. "Ding" / Darling National Wildlife refuge. 1992. Sanibel, FL.

  • Miami Art Museum MAM - Scholastic Art Awards 1992. Miami, FL.


A little throw back to a young Artist Miguel Hine flipping through his old sketchbook's, and painting's one late night in his Miami Beach studio. From laughing randomly for no apparent reason to getting personal about his artwork and how art has played and always has been a major part and role of who he is thought-out his entire life. All along while playing a bit of hand drum's, Miguel Hine gives you a small perspective into his art back in 2009. 
Filmed and directed by Frank Andrew's. 



Miguel Antonio Hine was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and spent his first years with his family in the rain forests of the Poas Volcano. His earliest memories are of himself walking through coffee plantations and alongside the mountaintops with his beloved mother Lilliana.  Costa Rica is a very diverse and biologically intense country, from deep, giant jungles to beautiful secluded beaches, and the exotic wild life is like no other.  It will leave many bold, vibrant impressions on a young man-  a perfect environment  for an abstract expressionist like Miguel Hine.

Hine comes from a very talented family that was involved with the arts. His greatest inspiration was his grandmother, Margot Ros Hine, a Cuban born  “five year old prodigy concert pianist” that had a life- long musical career, while married over 60 years to a diplomat, also the director of the National Theatre of Costa Rica.

At a very young age, Hine moved to a small community in Miami, FL where he spent his childhood.  Living in the United States most of his life allowed Hine the opportunity to study Fine Arts and painting on full scholarship at two of the top art schools in the nation:  The New World School of the Arts and the Maryland Institute College of Art.  Hine’s family was very accepting and supportive of his passion for the arts. “Art has always spoken to me, it has been there since day one. .....”

 Hine feels very fortunate to have studied the fine arts at such an early stage in his life.  “You can only learn so much on your own. There comes a point where you need guidance, direction and feedback, a proper critique to push you and help you develop your skills.”  

Following formal schooling, Hine an adventurous soul, felt the need to travel and pursue personal aspects of his life that had plagued him since childhood-- such as his father’s absence.   With accolades and scholastic art awards to his credit, it appeared Hine’s future was full of promise yet, driven by the opportunity to reconnect with his roots and the father who had been absent from his life since he was a young boy, Hine returned to Costa Rica, leaving behind a flourishing career.  He needed to learn more about himself.  “To travel is to grow” and Hine’s experiences opened his eyes, taught him about life, survival, humility.  He took every advantage to explore the not so often traveled roads as much as possible, working on other creative endeavors that allowed him to stay close to what mattered most to him at that time:  nature and a pure life style.

The call back to the art studios was very strong, however, and after a few years away from it, it was time to return.  He had missed their feel, the smell, the interaction with his peers.  Miami was evolving into a prestigious art community with many opportunities. He is proud of its energetic pool of talent, a melting pot of culture and diversity.  His impressive body of work is not limited to the fine arts.  Advertising, graphic and product design of helmets, surfboards and murals are among some of the unconventional pieces that make up his portfolio. 

I have always believed in a short artist statement. For me, the work should speak for itself and if it is strong enough, it surely will.  To me, art is a language that captivates the viewer, engages him or her on a journey. It should evoke feelings that transport a person to unknown places within the subconscious. It can charm and yet, it can be scary.
Over time and after so many years of formal schooling, I began to explore more with my art. Traditionally, I drew more from my observations of life and experiences in my sketchbooks, drawing still lives and my personal favourite, figurative drawings. I have a deep passion for formal figurative painting and drawing. I believe drawing from life opens the artist’s eyes, “it teaches you to see”. He must understand its exact composition, nature and form before the subject is abstracted. My great professor Tom Wyroba once told me that “style comes with time”, and so it did.

I love to expand my boundaries, to investigate through different mediums and found objects, exploring valleys of textures and ways of approaching my work.  Line quality plays an important role in my repertoire and the expressiveness and emotion that a single line holds inspires me.  Spontaneity is also a large part of my work. Believing in, and granting it, that freedom allows it to have a life of its own, to become what it was meant to be. Yet, free form is difficult and does not always produce the desired effects. I take the aesthetics of arts very seriously. Composition, balance, form structure, layering and color theories are never far from my creativity. ​



Artist Statement.




Biography - Aug 2015. 



Video / Interview 

  • ​​WINNER 1st Place WWAF (World Wide Arts Federation.) " LAST MAN STANDING" 2014 Artist Battle. Atalanta, GA. 2014.
  • Best in Show. - The Key Biscayne Art's Festival. 2002 Key Biscayne FL.
  • *First Place, Gold Key. - The National Scholastic Art Awards.
  • First Place - "Selected for outstanding design"Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest and conservation program. Presented by the United States Department on the interior Wild life service.
  • - First Place - Art Work's Gallery "Standing Room Only: Chairs as Art. Miami FL.
  • First Place - Twenty -first Annual South Miami Art's Festival Poster and Theme Contest. Sponsored by the Grater South / Dade Chamber of Commerce.