Good Day, it’s now Sunday, May 3rd ,2015 and I figure today is a proper day to extend my gratitude and finally be able to say “Thank you” to the many individuals around the globe that helped me pursue a life- long passionate dream. A dream that has now come true. My goal was to be able to visit and exhibit my artwork at this year’s Art Expo 2015. I am going to try my hardest to make this statement as brief as possible because this can easily become a ridiculously long letter…. in which case, as we know on Facebook, no one will read.
First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who contributed toward the fundraiser I began only a month ago. Within only three weeks, friends far and near, family, people I have never even met in person found it within their hearts to believe in my dream and contributed anywhere from $25.00 to $500.00 dollars for a grand total of $1,925.00. Honestly, I’m completely taken and humbled. It’s impossible to find the words that express how grateful and blessed I am to receive your support. Without you, I would not have been able to cover the $200 a day taxi fare, etc.
Truthfully, I am forever indebted to all of you. Now, as promised, I’m currently working on a very special gift to all that contributed. The gift will include a very special limited-one time run only, one of 20, signed, large format Giclee of a surprise painting. Furthermore, as a gesture of appreciation , I’m sending a surprise gift and personal letter from me; the least I can do for the people that believed in me and my dreams, and helped me turn them into a reality. You were with me every step of the way.
List of Contributors.
Allen Boynton,William Hadley, Jenny Erbel Hardison, Ron Erbel, Richard Diegell,Ignacio Tejera,Carolyn Ortega, Ruth Ortega, Nicole Ortega & Christine Ortega, Olga Gonzalez-Fox, María Pía Jiménez Hine,Donna Swirynsky, Ana Arellano, Dani Arellano, Henry Nunez, Olga Nunez, Esteban Borrero and Lilliana Coto
*Please note there were 3 different accounts that received donations. It was a bit hard to keep track of everyone. If you donated and your name is not stated above, please IM me personally. *Also Important. INDEGO fundraiser did not provide me with your mailing address. I will be writing to all personally. If you have a moment, however, please send me your mailing address to my personal email acount here: miguelhine@me.com
I was impressed and blessed to be able to work alongside such an extraordinary professional group of kind hearted, spirited genuine team players– the wonderful people and talented artists of booths 241/614. We rocked the house. It was an honor to work with, and meet, all of you. I had an extraordinary time with each and every one of you. You’ll never be forgotten. There’s a place in my heart for all of you. I pray to see and be able to work with you all again in near future. Thank you all. Artist’s Ms Jody Lawrence, Christine Johanns, Marlene Luce Tremblay, and my regards to all the other artis’s that I do not have on FB nor was able get there contact info.
Most importantly, I would like to thank Bernard Solco Fine Art, Lori Gaeta, also Artexpo New York who presented me with this extraordinary experience.
Last but never least. A huge thank you goes out to my lifelong friends living now in NYC that welcomed me with open arms beyond my belief. Thank you! Off the Hook! Hermanos mios, con amor. Gracias por todo, David Cardenas Katz and Jürgen Wirges.
Stepping back and looking at the entire scenario and exhibit, I must admit I had an incredible artistic and spiritual learning experience. I have not felt so alive and driven to continue for many years. I look forward to the many avenues and doors that have opened for me on this journey and can’t wait to see and create what is only still yet to come. The entire trip felt as if it were more a welcome reunion. And for that reason, for the very same reason I was born the artist I am, I will see you all and Manhattan shortly once again.

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Check it-out!! My artwork and I have been featured, published in the up-coming issue of Artist Magazine Showcase - Spring Issue!!! 2015 My first double page spread interview in a natianally distributed Fine Art publication! 

Thank you, Bernard Solco Fine Art & Artisan Direct, Ltd. , Also to Charlotte Miller of Local Color Miami, that was ever so kind and wrote the interview for this publication. - Please do not forget to come by and say hello, meet and greet us and pick up your own copy of Artist Show Case Magazine at our my up-coming exhibit only week's away at Artexpo New York April 23rd.-26th. NYC. PIER 94. Booth 241
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THANK YOU! ~ Artist Miguel Hine 2015 - www.miguelhine.com

RECENT NEW'S!!  - Artist Miguel Hine has been published with-in a nationally distibuted Art publication.  Artist Show Case Magazine - Artist Profile. Spring Issue April 2015. 

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​Come meet Miguel Hine and view his most recent artwork at this years Art Expo New York |Pier 94- April 23rd.-26th 2015.| Represented by Bernard Solco Fine Art. - Booth 241

I'm ever so proud and grateful to publicly announce to you all that I, Artist Miguel Hine will be exhibiting my artwork at this year's Artexpo New York Pier 94. April 23rd.- 26th. 2015. Represented by Bernard Solco Fine Art. Booth 241. ~ Hope to see you there! ~ Thank you. Miguel Hine. Please follow these link's for more information.

​- www.artexponewyork.com

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